Open Letters

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Kay Warren shares how some in the family of Christ say insensitive things to parents who have lost children. Here's an insightful reminder to be mindful what we say about things we've never experienced ourselves.


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Think your hair can't rock natural styles? This article is for you! There are four (4) hair types and each one can wear natural hairstyles. Read on and learn more!


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For one reason or another many people have at one point in their lives experienced a season of "church hunting," searching for a church to attend. Some have even been searching for a few years now. It makes me seriously wonder a few things.

Foodie Talk

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Oh, no! The Food Babe speaks out about pizza. Well, not that you or I thought there were good things in commercial pizzas like Papa Johns or Little Caesars anyway, right?



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Funny business meeting illustrating how hard it is for an engineer to fit into the corporate world!

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A while ago I wrote about 7 Benefits of Using Grasshopper’s Phone System. Thought I'd share today about Freshbooks, a productivity tool I use for accounting. More...


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Instead of expecting Hollywood to change, we finally realize that we need to take matters into our own hands and create our own films, outside of Hollywood.


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Their testimony is very real, very powerful, and it addresses many of the angles that couples deal with when one spouse is engaged in the "secret sin" of pornography.

Health & Fitness

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Sitting at your computer for long hours of the day, your eyes can become weary and tired, even blurry! I couldn't even say straight sometimes. Here's what helped! Computer glasses!